How to clean range hood filters?

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You should know How to clean kitchen range hood filters updated 2020/2021

For a Clean kitchen range hood know Range Hood Filters are generally placed over stoves in a way that they capture all the smoke and grease to prevent them from getting into the ventilation system. While they are doing the hard part for you, the job is to keep them clean. If you haven’t been cleaning your range hood filters for a while(or you haven’t done this at all), chances are, it looks greasy as hell. Let’s walk you through the steps of how to clean range hood filters.

Go ahead and read the whole article if you want to know all the methods of cleaning your range hood filters. Let’s start with the preparations.

How to clean kitchen range hood

Remove the Filters for clean kitchen range hood

How else do you think you’re going to get rid of the tough grease stains without damaging your range hood or other appliances? Now, different companies have different methods of removing the filters, but it’s no rocket science. They are installed inside your hood, so you need to push your filter in the upward direction and hopefully, it will come sliding out.

Now, the filters are in your hands. Use any cleaning method to clean them. Below are some good techniques:

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Prepare the Solution

Most of the people go for the dishwasher solution. In that case, the solution must be prepared first. If you have a large pot or mug that is heatproof, use it to hold some boiling water. Use the sink if you can. Now, you must add two-three tablespoons of dishwashing liquid into the water. Later, add one and a half cup of baking soda with the solution. Make sure the dishwasher contains a degreaser.

How to clean a range hood filter

Soaking filters in Detergent

The liquid is strong enough to easily get rid of the grease. If you have already prepared the solution, it’s time to wash your filters. Remember, the pot or sink where you have prepared the solution must be larger than the filters. Now, put the filter on the pot, and pour some hot water on it. After that, pour the necessary amount of detergent over the greasy filter. You can use a wasted toothbrush to spread the solution all over the filter.

The main reason for using a brush is to cover the tricky places of the filter. Keep the filter aside for 20 minutes minimum. Finally, wash it so you can see your filter grease-free.

Soaking filters in Ammonia

Tell me one reason why you won’t use the detergent method. Yes, you got it right- It’s scrubbing! While it is efficient, it requires too much effort on your end in order to make your filter look shiny as new. Using ammonia lets you reduce the efforts from your side.

Okay now that we know the difference, the real question is, what’s the process?

Firstly, Clean kitchen range hood,you will need a bag (a garbage bag will do fine) to pour the ammonia and put the filters in it. Ammonia smells strong, so you probably need to keep the bags closed or tie their mouth properly. After sealing the bag, keep it that way for the next 8-9 hours. When you bring out the filters from the bag, you need to wash them using hot water. Hopefully, there will be no grease at all.

Use plain Dishwasher

A very quick and easy method is to use a dishwasher. Don’t forget to prepare hot water before washing the filters because the thing that makes grease let loose the filters is mostly the hot water. Put the filters in your prepared dishwasher, add the liquid, with the steam produced by the dishwasher and the sprayed water, the cleaning will be top-level.

How To Clean Exterior Range Hood Surfaces

Well, the cleaning process for the exterior surface has no specific solution because there are different types of material used for different hoods. The under-the-cabinet hoods and mounted microwaves are made of painted metal or steel. In that case, using a degreasing cleaning product will do the job. It requires a soft cloth to remove the grease.

The large decorative hoods must be cleaned on a monthly basis to maintain their beauty. As it varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, you can follow their guidelines for different types of finishes.

Why Cleaning Range Hood Filters is Important

Cleaning is important to not only make your kitchen look good but also there are safety issues. Sometimes, grease may cause a house-fire. As we know these things make things oily and jammed. The Federal Emergency Management Agency says cooking is the most popular cause of house-fires and home-injuries. For commercial kitchens, the data shows insights that are more haunting. Clean kitchen range hood is always necessary.If a pot or a pan is left on the stove for too long, flames can appear and lead its way through the greasy vent to cause structural damage.

For residential and commercial cooking, it is important to clean your filters once in a while. There are best practices, but it depends on the time and range of use.

How Often To Clean?

For residential cooking, if you are cooking every day, you need to Clean the kitchen , cleaning on a monthly basis seems just fine. If you are doing that occasionally, you probably need a seasonal cleaning as the amount of grease depends on how often you are using your stove.

Don’t forget to clean your filter after making holiday food because that’s a lot. Even if you don’t clean the others, make sure you do it for the range hood.

To Sum Up

If you have a kitchen range hood and you haven’t peeked inside for a while, chance are it requires cleaning. It doesn’t matter if the outside looks spick and span, the filter needs to be cleaned regularly just to make sure that your range hood is operating perfectly. Removing tough greases is never a fun task, but we hope these simple suggestions helped to make your range hood and make it look brand new in no time. The longer you wait for cleaning range hood filters, the harder it becomes to get rid of those layers of grease, so, try to maintain a schedule.

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